COVID-19 Information About Myanmar

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) was discovered in Wuhan, Hubei District of China, and later it has spread to many countries rapidly. In Myanmar, the first COVID-19 positive patient was found in late March. Starting from March, Myanmar has been issuing respective travel advisories to prevent the importation of the disease through travel. 

According to the recently updated extension of travel advisories, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Myanmar has extended the effective period of the following restrictive measure, the temporary suspension of all types of visas for foreign nationals from all countries entering Myanmar, and all the advisories issued before until 30 July, 2020.

Pertaining to the restriction issued by the Ministry of Health and Sports on 11 April, 2020, all incoming travelers including Myanmar nationals will be subject to 21-day facility quarantine and 7-day home quarantine on their arrival in Myanmar.

As for foreign nationals entering Myanmar for the UN, NGO organizations and companies have to submit the evidence showing the absence of COVID-19 infection and the evidence of staying 7-day home quarantine in their respective country before coming to Myanmar. Moreover, they are also subjected to 7-day facility quarantine and 7-day home quarantine upon their arrival in Myanmar.

The upcoming new travel advisories and restrictions can be seen in the websites of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Hotel and Tourism. Regarding to the updates about current COVID-19 situation in Myanmar, please refer to the website of Ministry of Health and Sports, Myanmar.


Sky Bird, your travel partner in Myanmar

No one knows Myanmar more, our home, than we do!

Founded in 2012 by two Myanmar women entrepreneurs who have a passion for travel, Sky Bird have been providing adventure and culture tours, bespoke itineraries and all-time favorite destinations in Myanmar to individual travelers, families and group tours from all over the world.

Throughout our extensive travels in Myanmar and abroad, we have witnessed how tourism can negatively affect the communities and their culture and create inequalities; the environment and wildlife; and the flora and fauna.

In designing our itineraries at Sky Bird, we proactively work to improve our compliance with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) criteria & indicators for tour operators. Some key areas, among others, we have been actively working are as follows:

Start where you can for sustainable tourism

Identify short-term, medium-term and long-term indicators as in the GSTC criteria & indicators for Sky Bird's sustainable tourism strategy; monitor and evaluate, and document and report the progress and gaps

Ensure tourism benefits local communities and does not adversely impact them

Home stay or locally-owned accommodation and places to eat wherever possible during our clients' stay in Myanmar to support the community and local employment opportunities. 

Responsible travelers know local norms and culture and respect them! Prior to our clients' visits, they are informed about our culture through officially endorsed Dos and Don'ts for Tourists

Protect our environment, conserve biodiversity and ensure animal welfare

Our itineraries that include nature and adventure are not only designed in compliance with local, national and international guidelines but we also actively seek to engage with local and national organizations and experts and get their inputs, feedback and knowledge.

Promote and work closely with eco-resorts and places to stay with renewable energy such as solar power and/or composting toilets and/or reducing the use of plastic bottles for drinking water and/or plastic bags/waste wherever possible.   

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