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Yangon, Evening Street Food Walking Tour

Yangon, Evening Street Food Walking Tour

Evening street food walking tour starts with street food vendors near Mahar Bandoola Park at 5 pm. Tofu salad vendors will give you the best taste in town.  After a leisurely stroll through the downtown area, passing through historic and ethnically rich neighborhoods including Little India and China Town, you will come to rows of food stalls welcoming Myanmar food enthusiasts. Myanmar traditional food, mohinga,  on offer at a family owned eatery  won’t fail to give you taste of the local  Burmese delicacy. Visits to wet market will allow you to mingle with native crowds and try different kinds of foodstuffs and observe local shopkeepers  in business, catering for their regular customers. Funky yoghurt faloodah drink is one of the most visually impressive fare that you shouldn’t miss. Traditional tea leaf salad, ginger salad and lemon salad goes really well with a cup of tea or green tea, giving you a memorable experience of Myanmar taste along with the aromatic tea. Burmese snacks, staples among streetfoods of Rangoon, will certainly leave a long-lasting imprint in your memory. For Chinese-food fans won’t be let down by grilled fish and beers available in Chinatown. Witness diversities and harmony on a walkig tour past ancient Buddhist pagodas, churches, mosques, Hindu temples and Chinese Buddhist temples, reflecting the kaleidoscope of Yangon’s population and be impressed by culinary heritage during travel hours. Last but not least, be amazed by your encounter with deep fried bugs, unusual even by local food standards with most people feeling squeamish. But beer guzzlers say the bugs are perfect snacks to go with a mug of beer and also rich in protein . Have fun with action-packed and food-filled tour of the evening market walk. It was just a day’s worth of to travel almost the entire city and will definitely appeal to those who want to visit the lightweight.




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