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Keng Tung, a rewarding trekking destination

Keng Tung, a rewarding trekking destination

Keng Tung is located in Shan State, Eastern Myanmar. A rewarding trekking destination, the town boasts Chinese and colonial architecture in the town and its languages are influenced by Chinese and Thai.

China lies a short drive to the north, the Mekong and Lao border lies to the east and just a three hour drive to the south is Thailand.

Keng Tung is covered with largely deforested mountains that are home to Lahu , Akha , Wa and Palaung villagers. These people themselves with their quaint languages and charming ways of life are major attractions here, adding elements of wonder to hill treks. Lush jungles abound, it is an ideal destination for trekking and hiking.

Looking for a relaxing end to the day? Naung Tong Lake and One Tree Hill are just perfect for a colourful sundowner. One Tree Hill as the name implies has a lone tree standing on hilltop. The tree itself is a beauty, aging over centuries spreading out its canopies to shade wayfarers during the day, and in the evening, it is an ideal place to enjoy picturesque views from the hill of the entire city stretching away under a glorious sunset. If you want to feast your eyes on the beauty of nature, Naung Tong Lake is the best place to visit.

One of the best experiences that you shouldn’t miss is Water Buffalo Market which is the place where locals come to sell and trade water buffaloes. Agriculture is still the mainstay of the local economy and water buffaloes are the muscle power that drives it. Witness the rural market in action where local people in their colourful dresses conduct their business.

Most travellers frequent Keng Tung to see its unique tribal villages. You can explore the lifestyles of different ethnic groups in Keng Tong. Join in the hands-on experience of creating traditional handicrafts. Homemade dishes of various tribes will give you a new experience and something to remember and reminisce. There are different villages resided by various ethnicities and you will see different traditional textiles and lifestyles depending on the villages you choose to visit. Keng Tung is a great place to visit for nature lovers and it natural beauty will not disappoint.

Sandwiched in valleys between sloping hills are the famous hot springs of Keng Tung. Need some fun time and relaxation, a visit to Keng Tung Hot springs is a must. How hot is the spring water? You can boil eggs in it so you can be assured of the authentic, natural heat which is believed to have healing powers. Since Keng Tong has a population of mixed ethnicities including Indian, Shan, Chinese, Burma and Thai community, you can see a kaleidoscope of patterns and hues with delectable displays of local products and souvenirs in the market.


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