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Indawgyi Lake

Indawgyi Lake

Indawgyi Lake Wildlife Sanctuary, located in Mohnyin Township in Kachin State, is a biosphere reserve designated by the UNESCO. Indawgyi Lake, the largest freshwater lake of the country, is famed as one of the largest inland lakes in Southeast Asia as well. Comprising an area of 478.84 square kilometers, the lake and its surrounding area has been designated Ramsar Site since February 2016.

Indawgyi Lake Wildlife Sanctuary boasts diverse endemic species of turtles, mammals, birds and waterbirds. Surrounding area is covered with evergreen forests, hill-side pine forests, and rice plantations of local residents.

Witness and immerse in local life in ethnic villages. Thirteen villages on the banks of Indawgyi Lake has a total population of over 35,000 people with some villages resided by aboriginal Kachin people while others are migrant residents since 1990s. Most live by farming and others by fishing. However, a major threat has been posed by illegal methods such as electric shock fishing, and fishing in the off seasons.

Indawgyi is a must-go place in Myanmar for nature lovers. Besides, as it is residing off the beaten track and an untouched destination, it is a complete paradise for adventurers and travelers occupied with special interests. Observing how the locals make living while trekking through surrounding villages has become popular lately among nature enthusiasts and other travellers. Shwe Taung, which is at the northern edge of the lake gives astonishing panoramic view. Also, be thrilled by occasional glimpses of rare gibbons. Culture also sits amidst nature. Locally renowned Shwe Mitzu Pagoda sits mid-water looking as if floating in the water. Apart from visits by nature lovers, Shwe Mitzu Pagoda is also packed with pilgrims during the festival in March. Besides trekking and pagoda visits, visitors can add the following activities in your to-do-list in Indawgyi Lake: kayaking, cycling and motorbiking, boating and fishing, and birdwatching.

In Lonton Village on the lake’s western shore, there is a foreigner-licensed accommodation, named Indaw Mahar Guesthouse. A military guesthouse and homestay options are open in case accommodation falls short of visitor numbers. Early to mid-cold season from October and December is the best time to visit the lake when a crystal-clear view of the entire lake, from end to end, awaits – afternoons being ideal time.


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