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Explore History in Sagar – Home to Shan Kingdoms

Explore History in Sagar – Home to Shan Kingdoms

Looking for a combo of pristine nature and colorful culture? Sagar Village to the south of Inle Lake one such destination, having become a must-visit place for visitors to the lake lately. Lying on the bank of the Balu Chaung, Sagar stands where a town governed by Sawbwas (Shan Princes) once flourished. The rule by Sawbwas was a normal fare in the old days but gradually died out with the demise of British-supported Sawbwa-hood.  With the passage of time, Sagar has begun to assume mystery and anonymity – partly due to lack of interest or suppression of anything Shan royalty. Times have changed and tourism has been promoted, for travelers to Inle in particular, and Sagar has seldom failed to satisfy both history buffs and common tourists.

Sagar’s many ancient temples, possibly contemporary to pagodas in other Inle locations, are ruined and decrepit but never fail to arouse interest. One such location – Takhaung Mwetaw Pagoda – has a cluster of ancient stupas lining the bank of the lake. The pagodas, slender and tapering up to the pinnacles, are similar in shape and design to ones in Kakku, Hopong Township near Taunggyi. Inside the pagoda compound, the reclining statue of the Buddha with the different designs of handicap, the bas-relief of monks, princesses and other statues can also be found.

Another place of similar nature is where the flooded stupas stand submerged. Some of the stupas are half-submerged in water. With the passage of time, what remain on the land of the pagodas is also ruined and some trees can be seen attached to the stupas. You can still make out the architecture of these stupas which appears to be contemporary to those of Bagan and Mong Nai.

Experience village life in Sagar. The village itself has obviously built on the site of an old town since there are some old stupas as well as monasteries dotting it. Apart from the religious, historical experience, see villagers playing Chin Lone (similar to Takraw), a kind of Myanmar traditional sport, in the pleasant evenings. Carefree children from the village playing merrily on the main path of the village can be found, as well. Women and young girls would weave the cloths from the lotus stem in the quiet afternoon. Here in this village, visitors can observe the lifestyle of rural people as well as they can interact in various kinds of activities near the village.

On their boat rides to Sagar from Inle, visitors can see the astonishing view of the composite of pagodas and the village, along with the background of the rolling mountains of Shan plateau. As the village is situated near the bank of the lake, there are not many watershed areas, but the shoals with green fresh vegetables grown by the villagers. Thoroughly organic and healthy, it is worth seeing these vegetables. Visitors can also observe the local businesses of the Pa-Oh people, the villagers of Sagar, and interact with them. Through all these activities, visitors would definitely feel the honesty, sincerity, and hospitability of this village and its people.

From Inle Lake, it would take around two hours to get to Sagar Village. Some people come on half a day visit, yet a full day tour to this village would give you a chance to explore the village and its vicinities at a leisurely pace. This village, Sagar, is literally a must-add place in the bucket list of those who wish to explore beyond the customary sights of veritable Inle, Myanmar.

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